The E-Series features state of the art technology, an asymmetric rotary screw profile, and oil injection power.  The design of this system ensures the highest performance during the compression stage, thus reducing energy consumption levels to a minimum.  The result is an excellent ratio between the actual installed power and the effective air yield, which permits considerable energy and cost savings.

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Kore Compressor is a worldwide distributor of compressors for a wide range of business and industrial uses. The firm, established in 2000, presently maintains locations in Pembroke and Woburn, MA.

The firm is the “Super Store” of compressors, with ordering done exclusively online. Kore Compressor has clients worldwide including universities, engineering plants, hospitals, automotive dealers and repair facilities, oil and gas refineries, and virtually any industry. Partners Matt Mazanec and Steve Bergamesca founded the company in 2000 to address the growing demand for compressors that could be delivered with a short turnaround of time.

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